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Lovell Snow

Lovell Snow was born on September 4, 1773 in Ashford, Connecticut. He was the son of Robert and Sarah (Chubb) Snow. On November 7, 1773. He was baptized at the Ashford, congregational church. On April 7, 1791, Lovell married Ms. Sally Maynard (Mainer). They had at least three children, but their names remain unknown. On September 2, 1802 the couple were divorced. Sally claimed desertion and adultery as the reasons.

Lovell probably came to Ohio as part of this effort to settle the Northwest Territory. The indian problem impeded settlement of this area until 1794, when General Anthony Wayne drove them from the state. With the indians gone, the western reserve in the northeast corner along Lake Erie was opened to settlers. It contained four million acres. Connecticut emigrants were the main settlers in this area. Connecticut refugees who had been burned out by the British during the Revolutionary War began to settle. The area became known as the 'fire lands' for this reason"

The Northwest Territory was established by the Continental Congress on july 13, 1787, by the Northwest Ordinance. the region was later called the old northwest. the area comprised of the landwest of pennsylvania between the Ohio and Mississippi River. The Northwest Territory was originally ceded to the U.S. by the individual states. The states the were formed by this area were ohio, indiana, illinois, michigan, and part of minnesota. ohio was the first state admitted to the union from the northwest territory in 1803.

It was also in is the same year that Sally Maynard Snow divorced Lovell that his next wife was born. Freelove Dutcher was born on December 20, 1802. She was supposedly born in Pennsylvania. She married Lovell on January 31, 1821 in York township, Athens County, Ohio. They at least four children: robert, salmenders, newman, and philander. Apparently Freelove was unhappy with Lovell and possibly leaving in a cave, so one day she left Lovell and the boys. A source states that Lovell didn't know what to do so he told the children to go play with their friends along the river and go home with them. Whether this is true or not id unknown, but it is known that Newman Snow lived with the family of John Harris.

It is not known whether Lovell ever filed for divorce from Freelove.

The 1850 census for Newton Township, Whitley County, Indiana indicates Lovell remarried to Harriet ?. At this time Lovell was 76 years old and Harriet was 47. They had 3 girls Emily age 10, Lucy age 4, and Hannah age 3. Lovell died sometime between 1850 and 1860 Columbia City, Indiana. The 1860 census shows Harriet married to James Jones.

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Paul Hammond, MN, ggggrandson of Lovell and Freelove (Dutcher) Snow